Empowering Homes for Savings, Security, and Sustainability

Mann Solar empowers you to take control of your energy future, as electricity rates are poised to continually rise. Unlike traditional utility expenses, investing in a residential solar system is an unparalleled financial decision, ensuring long-term savings that your utility bills can never match.

With over 12+ years of expertise, Mann Solar stands as a local and family-owned solar solutions provider catering to Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia. Our fully in-house team, comprised of NABCEP-certified installers, guarantees excellence in every aspect of your solar journey, offering 24/7 system monitoring for peace of mind.

As a full-service solar installation company, Mann Solar simplifies the process, covering everything from solar panels and battery storage to EV charger installation. We specialize in designing and installing custom solar energy systems, managing the entire installation process from inception to completion.

Empowering Homes for Savings, Security, and Sustainability

Transform Your Finances: Witness the joy of substantial reductions or complete elimination of your electric bills by embracing Mann Solar’s cutting-edge solutions.

Unlock Financial Rewards: Seize the opportunity to capitalize on diverse solar incentives and tax benefits, ensuring a maximized return on your investment with Mann Solar.

Uninterrupted Power Assurance: Experience peace of mind through blackout protection with Mann Solar’s efficient battery storage solutions, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply even during outages.

Elevate Your Energy Security: Attain unprecedented energy security and independence by tapping into the limitless power of the sun for your residential needs with Mann Solar.

Boost Home Value Sustainably: Increase the value of your home while basking in the advantages of clean and sustainable energy, thanks to Mann Solar’s innovative solutions.

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